Hiba Baghdadi


Muslim women speak of experience

The Muslim Student Association of Eastern Michigan University hosted a remarkable event for women everywhere Monday evening. It was called “An Azizah Event: An Evening of Empowered Voices,” and it highlighted the accomplishments of Muslim women in Michigan, in addition to the four speakers.

Dress to express personal style, forget what others might think

You walk out of your house to throw out the trash one Monday morning in grey sweatpants and a baggy T-shirt. You see your neighbor in a nice dark suit do the same in his driveway. He looks over and smiles, but then takes a better look at your clothes and cringes a little.

Media influence our perception of 'beauty'

According to Leonard Eron, senior research scientist at the University of Michigan, “Television alone is responsible for 10 percent of youth violence.” This is only 10 percent, and not including the effect it has on body image, sexuality and eating disorders.

Stop texting and driving

You’re driving back home from school after a long exam, only thinking of sleeping. You hear a beep from your cell phone, indicating you just received a text message.