Jumanah Saadeh


American Muslims are still American

“Where are you from?” This is a question I have received countless times. If I had a dime for every time I was asked this question, I’d be rich.

Animal testing should be done responsibly

While animal testing is essential, it should not be conducted in a thoughtless manner – thoughtlessness is a form of cruelty unto itself, as animals are living, feeling creatures and have a right to life without unnecessary pain.

Use time management to stop procrastinating

Most of us have procrastinated at some point or another (and if you have not, I am pretty sure you are a robot). It is easy to get bogged down in work, especially at this point in the semester. The key is to manage the urge to put off tasks and not to allow it to consume your schedule.

Examining the option of male birth control

Recent events are causing me to question whether we are living in the 21st century or the Middle Ages. From Michigan’s newly instated “rape insurance” policy to the “backlog of 11,000 untested rape kits” in Detroit as reported by MSNBC, the historical pattern in which women pay the price for events outside of their control continues.

'Operation Smile' comes to Eastern

Smiles are contagious, or at least those are the results of a study conducted in Sweden at Uppsala University. Yale Scientific Magazine reports, “They found that genuine smiles directly induced smiles from the participants.”

Start listening

“Are you listening?” This is one of the most common questions that someone will be asked during their relationships, whether familial, romantic or professional. Our efficiency in communicating is very poor. We focus on talking, not listening.

Eastern is on the right path with reflection rooms

Stress is an inescapable part of life, but its accumulation is detrimental to our health. Its toll on our bodies, however, could be eased if only there was a place where students could get away from the hubbub of life and just enjoy the blessed silence.

Multitasking leads to long-term problems

The ability to multitask is arguably the most desirable skill to possess in today’s day and age. Whether in an academic or a professional setting, one’s ability to manage a large task load and high stress situations is seen a positive attribute. But despite our cultural preference, our internal biochemistry does not thank us for the ever-increasing amounts of stress we overload ourselves with.

Stereotypes can be harmful, problematic

Humans naturally have the inclination to categorize the world around us, whether we are determining shapes, sizes, colors, fruits or people. While it is a natural cognitive process, it becomes problematic when the classifications become stereotypes.