Ypsilanti dispatch discusses moving

Ypsilanti City Council will likely be discussing the merits of contracting dispatch for police and fire departments through the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office.

After a presentation during last Tuesday night’s City Council meeting, City Manager Ed Koryzno said the group would likely be taking the matter up for discussion during its meeting later this month.

He said the matter can be decided by resolution of Council, which would not require publication or a public hearing.

During his presentation to City Council, Lieutenant Paul DeRidder – acting chief for the Ypsilanti Police Department, said the city could realize more than $89,000 in cost savings if the plan is approved. The savings come after shedding nearly $160,000 in operational costs for the city to run its own dispatch, but after losing $70,000 in special revenue the city receives from the state to operate its dispatch center.

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