Ameera Salman

Ameera Salman is the Editor-in-Chief of Cellar Roots, EMU’s Fine Arts magazine, and Student Media Marketing Director for the Eastern Echo. They are a sophomore studying Public Health and Queer Studies. Ameera joined the team in 2022 and is excited to get started. In their free time, Ameera likes to write poetry, make playlists, and play bingo at the Wurst Bar.

Articles (15 total)

Review: CLOCK uses horror to send a message

Adapted from a short film, CLOCK uses its feature length to delve into the story of a woman who wishes she wanted children—and what she’s willing to do to change how she feels.

Josh Rivedal's i'Mpossible project comes to EMU

Rescheduled as a part of Student Government’s “Mental Health Week,“ Josh Rivedal will be presenting his mental health awareness and suicide prevention program, the “i’Mpossible Project”