Go to games, get free prizes

Attending athletic events at Eastern Michigan University is a fun way to meet people, as well as, cheer on the teams. There is a program called Eagle Nation Rewards, and the goal of this free program is to promote athletic events by offering incentives for members if they attend athletic events.

It is simple to apply. You can do so at the table of any event or online at www.eaglenationrewards.com. After you apply all you have to do is swipe your EMU ID card during designated times at each event, and you are on your way to earning points for prizes such as EMU gear, concession vouchers and a grand prize of $500 per month for a year from Meijer.

Each sport is worth a different value of points. Football, as well as men’s and women’s basketball, are each worth five points. Volleyball, gymnastics, wrestling, baseball and softball are each worth 10 points. Men’s and women’s swimming and diving, tennis, soccer and men’s and women’s track and field are each worth 15 points.

The locations and times to swipe your card vary by sport.

Football occurs from the opening of the gates until the start of the second quarter, by gate two. Men and women’s basketball is during halftime behind section 120. Volleyball is between sets two and three behind section 120. Gymnastics and wrestling is during the first hour of the event under the bleachers. Baseball is during the sixth inning next to the EMU bleachers.

Softball is during the third inning near the equipment shed. Men’s and women’s swimming occurs from the start of diving until the end of the meet on the main bleachers. Tennis is between the doubles and singles matches in the main lounge. Soccer is during halftime by the small equipment shed. Men and women’s track and field is from the start of the running events until one hour into the event by Gate No. 2.

Registration is still going and is limited to the first 2,500 people. So if you attend sporting events why not sign up and earn free stuff while attending the games you enjoy?

For more information you can visit the newly launched website at www.eaglenationrewards.com or call 734-487-8109.

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