University launches off-campus housing website

Eastern Michigan University has launched a new website to help educate students about off-campus living options.

The new website includes links to reviews and consumer ratings of off-campus housing options, crime maps of the area, public safety and transportation information, and a checklist of things potential residents should look for before signing a lease.

“It includes all kinds of what we consider helpful information to help students make an informed choice about where to live,” said Walter Kraft, EMU’s director of communications.

The new website is one of several new initiatives from EMU’s administration aimed at improving student safety on and off campus.

“It’s very important for us to provide our students who are thinking of living off campus or who live off campus with information resources that help them make a good choice, a wise choice, an informed choice about where to live,” Kraft said.

Safety on and around EMU’s campus became a major concern last month after a series of crimes that included multiple assaults, sexual assaults and the shooting death of a student affected the college community.

The new website can be found here.

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