MJ tribute auditions bring out EMU’s talent

Eastern Michigan University students better clear their schedules for April 2, because EagleFIT’s unique production of “This Is It,” a Michael Jackson tribute, is not something you’ll want to miss.
Auditions for the show were held on Thursday, and a wide array of musicians, dancers, singers and actors eagerly awaited their chance to hit the stage and make Jackson proud.

EagleFIT, a student organization dedicated to the wellness of the body, will be producing the show as a way of expanding their already extensive repertoire of physical activities.

Beverly Elcock, the organization’s treasurer, proudly referred to the show as an original adaptation.
“We will be playing it by ear.”

EagleFIT’s crack team will be piecing the show together as it will see the kind of talent it will have to work with. The auditions were a crucial part of the process.

As the time drew near for acts to take the stage, voices could be heard warming up, guitars were quietly strummed and dancers nonchalantly mimed their routines. As performers took to the stage, it became clear there was a blatant lack of stage fright. Out of tune or not, singers shamelessly swayed to Jackson’s arrangements, caught up in their own little world.

While the room was normally filled with soft chatter, Adel Nasser was able to effortlessly command everyone’s attention. Although he sang well-known music from Maroon 5, he had an inventive way of the making the song his own.

Another performer of similar attention-grabbing caliber was 16-year-old dancer Dennia Ede. All eyes were on Ede as Miguel’s “My Piece” began to play through the stereos, and she did not disappoint. Her performance represented the epitome of EMU hip-hop dance. EagleFIT judges were clearly impressed.

The high degree of talent displayed by the auditions was clearly lifting some of the uncertainty off of the shoulders of EagleFIT staff, but there was a clear standout in the crowd of gifted students;
Emily Slomovits. Once her hauntingly beautiful voice hit everyone’s ears, there was no way you were going to stop listening. Her smooth vocals were highlighted by her easy guitar playing as well.

There may not be a script for the upcoming show, but EagleFIT sure has a lot of raw talent to work with. Before auditions, EagleFIT president Bader Yousef had called the various acts “a pretty good turnout,” which ended up being true in terms of talent as well as numbers. Yousef, a dancer himself, will also be making an appearance in the April showcase.

“There will be surprises in every piece,” Yousef said.

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