Taste of Ypsilanti gives local residents exposure to the EMU community

Spectators at the Eastern Michigan University basketball game Saturday experienced more than just an Eagle Victory over Northern Illinois University. In the lobby of the Convocation Center was an event called “A Taste of Ypsilanti,” which gave the Eagle Basketball fans in attendance the chance to sample local Ypsilanti restaurants for just a dollar a meal.

Pakmode Media Marketing and SOS Community Services teamed up to host the event.

According to SOS development director Chelsea Brown, all of the proceeds at Saturday’s Taste of
Ypsilanti event went towards their cause, which is to help homeless people in Washtenaw County.

“This is a chance for local residents to get exposure to the EMU campus and community,” Pakmode representative Chelsea Acho said.

She said that in turn, students can experience the food and culture of the city of Ypsilanti, which can foster a closer relationship between the university and the Ypsilanti community.

Despite the event taking place over the university’s spring break, Acho said she was pleasantly surprised by the turnout.

“A lot of community members are here today,” Acho said.

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