My.Emich to undergo changes, including a digital facelift

A sneak peek of the new My.Emich homepage

Many Eastern Michigan University students, faculty and instructors have made the switch to Google Apps for Education for their campus email. Now, another major online change is on the way.

My.Emich is currently the avenue for class selection and communication for students, faculty and instructors at EMU, while some hybrid courses utilize EMU Online. This summer, according to an email from the university, My.Emich will undergo a digital facelift.

Those logging in will see one major change almost immediately – the term NetID will now be used in place of the User Name found on the My.Emich website. The university said the login change is simply a better description for logging in across other university platforms.

What EMU describes as a “facelift” is the next change coming to My.Emich homepage. The page will be given an updated look, featuring the same content as before. However, the functions surrounding the courses and groups pages will be rearranged.

Courses and groups will be maintained using EMU Online, beginning April 30. Students will still be able to send emails to their classmates and instructors using their university email account, but faculty and instructors will use EMU Online to communicate with their students in an online course.

Those who use the group’s feature, on My.Emich, will be able to re-create the group using EMU Online or Google Apps for Education.

To see what the new changes will look like, go to EMU’s Information Technology website. If there are any difficulties EMU’s IT department’s help desk phone number is 734-487-2120 and their email address is

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My.Emich will be changing the Username section to NetID as part of a rebranding initiative by the university.

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