Pease Turns 100

The event held at Pease Auditorium was hosted as a centennial event for the building on Friday, June 27th, 2014. Sponsored by WRJC 90.9’s Neighborhood Concert Series, the Detroit Symphony Orchestra performed for around 100 guests. Many of the guests were able to bump elbows with the elaborate company at a fundraising dinner prior to the concert.

Conducting the event was the accliamed JoAnn Falletta, who lead a rousing performance followed and accompanied by clarinetist David Krakauer. Krakauer received a standing ovation many times, and a roar of applause for his solo performance.

The concert began with Debussy’s Petite Suite, followed by Krakauer’s performance of George Tsontakis’ Anasa: Concerto for Clarinet. All performances were granted large amounts of appreciation, and a new found love for all ages for the love of classical music that was both entertaining, and mind-blowing.

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