Hands-On Museum hosts 'Creature Feature'

The Hands-On Museum in downtown Ann Arbor plays host to many events throughout the year, but none of them are quite as wild as the Creature Feature event held every October.

Several animals from the Creature Conservancy were brought in to educate and entertain the public for a one-night-only event. The Creature Conservancy is a non-profit organization that aims to bring people and animals together in an educational environment through programs and events just like this one at the Hands-On Museum.

The event was a sold-out success with 700 people coming in to admire the many species of animals. Red kangaroos, Scarlet Macaws, a Burmese python and many others were the subject of guests’ fascination throughout the evening.

Many of the attendees had been to this event previously and came back this year to experience it all over again.

Christine Pickering, a mother of a five-year-old son, said that her favorite part of the event was “seeing my son enjoy seeing all of the animals up close.”

Several talented volunteers gave their time to educate the public about the various animals that had been brought in. Throughout the night they were asked questions about the animals in their care.

Ella Marsh, one of the youngest volunteers at eleven years old, said that working a big event like this can be stressful, but also a lot of fun.

Marsh spent most of the evening with Bedhead, the Crested Porcupine who followed her around in circles most of the night and proved to be very entertaining.

Another favorite was the red kangaroos, who go by the names Tulip and Maybelline, and the parma wallaby named Benny. Guests loved being able to pet the kangaroos and watch them hop around. They were also able to see and touch ball pythons and talk to some of the parrots.

Also present at the event were caimans, the huge alligator snapping turtle nicknamed Bonecrusher and various tanks stocked with species of frogs and lizards for guests to look at and observe.

“Everyone at this event shares a passion for animals and a respect for our world and its ecosystems,” said Mel Drum, Executive Director of the Hands-On Museum

This event marked 12 years of bringing the Creature Feature event to the Hands-On Museum and it will hopefully continue for many more.

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