Eagle on the Street

“I’ve been cramming all week, but I only have two, Spanish and math, so it’s not as bad as last semester.”

Alea Mayes, third-year ECA, biology major


Fall 2014 is coming to a close at Eastern Michigan University. Exams are looming in the near future. The Eastern Echo asked students: “How do you prepare for finals?”


“I pay attention in class. I take good notes. When the time comes, I start reviewing them.”

George Pastor, dual enrolled from Bellville High School, history major


“I study and I look over all of my notes from class. I make sure I’m in a quiet space for a long time.”

Erin Halleran, graduate applicant, occupational therapy major


“In my subjects, I have mostly projects, so two subjects are almost done. I have one exam and I’ve been preparing for it for a long time already, so it’s going well.”

Madhuri Kedika, graduate, computer science major


“To prepare for finals, I stay organized, study hard and make time for non-school stuff so that I don’t get too stressed out.”

Brett Zeuner, junior, sociology major


“I just do a lot of studying and going over my notes.”

Jack Dobek, sophomore, undecided major

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