How writing for my college paper improved my life

I joined staff here at the Eastern Echo during my first week of college back in 2012. Being involved in the campus newspaper, especially here at Eastern, has been extremely beneficial to me as a writer, student and person.

I remember how nervous I was when I sent that first email to the news editor asking for information about joining the staff. After all, this is a college newspaper and I wasn’t sure if my writing was good enough to be published. Looking back on the moment, I am so glad I took that first step.

If you like to write you should take that first step to join the Eastern Echo staff too. You will get paid, improve as a writer and have something great to put on your resume.

Like most students, when I first started going to school at Eastern, I knew almost no one. To make matters worse, I’m a commuter. Anyone who commutes understands how difficult it can be to get involved in campus activities.

Writing for the Eastern Echo, however, was different. Not only did I have somewhere to go in those awkward breaks between classes, I’ve also met a lot of really awesome and diverse people.

Since I have started working here, I have had the opportunity to receive great constructive criticism for my writing from many staff members. The constructive criticism given has helped me to step out of my comfort zone and learn what it means to be a writer, and how I can become a better one. I have worked here for years and yet I am still learning.

Working for the campus newspaper has also taught me a very valuable lesson in life. This lesson has been told to us throughout the years, but I have never encountered it more so than when I started working here. That is, the world is a big place filled with many different cultures, beliefs and people. Not everyone shares the same point of view.

I always knew this concept -- no one on earth can argue or dispute it -- however, knowing people are different and experiencing those differences are not the same thing. Writing for the newspaper has allowed me to explore why people are the way they are. Although that may sound elementary and cliché, it’s super important, because it’s why newspapers exist in the first place.

Of course, I know writing for a newspaper is not for everyone. There are students who would much rather program computers or figure out math equations than write an article. But if you were not interested in the newspaper, you probably would not be reading this. I am talking to you.

If you are a student here at Eastern Michigan University and have ever thought about writing for the Eastern Echo - now is your chance. Please contact me at for more information.

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