Holman Success Center Hosts Second Workshop in Winter Series

Students attended "Tools for Your Time" to take advantage of learning better time management skills. Left to right: Shayne Portis, freshman; Jacob Dudek, freshman; and Walter Whitt, freshman

Eastern Michigan University students gathered in Bruce T. Halle Library Friday afternoon to participate in a time management workshop.

The Holman Success Center is hosting a Winter Workshop Series is designed to help students achieve collegiate, as well as personal, success.

“Tools for Your Time,” the second in the series facilitated by Jennifer Beaudoin and Natalie Kittikul, provided students an opportunity to become aware of the resources available to them in order to effectively manage time and tasks.

“You are in control of your time and the management of that time,” said Beaudoin, a graduate student in the higher education and student affairs program.

Students were asked various questions regarding time management strategies, given three sheets of planner paper and asked to write schedules in three ways: actual, time waster and ideal.

This exercise allowed them to visualize how much time an individual has and how he or she actually uses it.

“I definitely think it will help me,” said Jacob Dudek, an entrepreneurship major. “I’ve already got a pretty structured daily plan that I do, but I think it will help.”

Several other exercises and approaches to managing time were discussed, as well as factors that wreak havoc on time management success such as procrastination, distractions and bad habits.

“Time management is just something that every student should have,” said Shayne Portis, a marketing major. “You need to manage your time wisely throughout the four years, or however long you plan on staying here.”

Kittikul, a second-year graduate student, gave a list of steps toward effective time management:

  • Set goals.
  • Establish priorities
  • Maintain a to-do list.
  • Stay focused.
  • Use your resources.
  • She also said that the HSC, located in Room G04 of the library, is a good campus resource that has a lot to offer students.

    “I’d emphasize all students checking the Holman Success Center out,” Kittikul said. “The opportunities are pretty much endless with things that we can provide, whether it is success coaching, the study tables in the library, tutoring or supplemental instruction.”

    For more information about the Holman Resource Center and the Winter Workshop Series please visit: emich.edu/hsc/

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