Student Government committee meetings March 17

Student Government held its Internal Affairs and Business and Finance meetings Tuesday.

Speaker of the Senate Kiera Fegan proposed that the next speaker of the Senate and the Judicial Sergeant sit in on the hiring process of the Student Government committee heads.

Fegan said that she wants a third party to be present in the hiring process to give feedback.

Senator Joseph Pernicano said the implementation is a good idea.

“In the past my understanding was that there was never any Senate input on the hiring process of directors,” Pernicano said. “From my experience I interact with them often and I think that’s extremely important that the directors can work well with the senators.”

The Business and Finance Committee met and allocated funds to the following student organizations:

  • Club Baseball was granted $4,450 for field rentals, umpire fees, baseballs and miscellaneous expenses.
  • Pre-Veterinary Club was granted $126 to pay a speaker to present at its upcoming event, Creature Conservatory.
  • AMP! was granted $204 to help with its fundraising event.
  • Minority Women in Leadership Commission was granted $185 for venue costs to put on its award show recognizing leading ladies.

Public Affairs and Academic and Student Relations committees did not hold meetings this week.

There will be a full Senate meeting March 24.

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