10 summer bucket list ideas

Whether or not you are taking classes this spring/summer semester, just hearing those two “S” words bring you feelings of freedom and joy. Here are 10 examples of how Eastern Michigan University students and Ypsilanti residents can make the most out of this time of year.

1. Mackinac Island: Considered one of the most beautiful places in Michigan, Mackinac Island is a small island in Lake Huron where no cars are permitted. Two EMU seniors, Chelsea Spencer and Leah Rodriguez, both think of it to be the ideal spot to spend a few summer days.

2. Roller coasters: “Cedar Point has Fast Pass,” said EMU alumnus Kevin Yates. “For extra money I get to ride the Maverick an hour faster than other people in the park. Totally worth it.”

3. Natural tanning: Many people pay money for fake tanning, but the summer season allows you to tan for free without worrying about coming out orange.

4. Detroit Tigers games: Jake Miller, 20, a local Kroger produce clerk, feels that any day hanging out at Comerica Park is the best way to spend summer.

5. Observing nature: The Ann Arbor Nichols Arboretum is a great way to see the beauty of flowers without having to travel very far. It is located at 1610 Washington Hts. on the University of Michigan’s central campus.

6. Enjoy a nice cold beer: On July 24 and 25, Ypsilanti’s Riverside Park will be hosting the 2015 Michigan Summer Beer Festival. This Depot Town event will feature over 800 beers to sample.

7. Prepare for the future: EMU senior and public relations major, Leah Rodriguez, plans to “pass summer classes and get in shape.”

8. Enjoy live music: From Jimmy Buffet visiting West Riverside Park in Detroit this June to the 10 Kid Rock performances at DTE Energy Theater in August, music fans will definitely get a chance to soak up the sun and listen to some great tunes.

9. Fireworks: Thanks to recent laws, Michiganders can now buy a variety of fireworks including firecrackers and aerial devices like bottle rockets and Roman candles. Some stores, like Phantom Fireworks in Livonia, offer buy one get one free deals.

10. Enjoy the summer heat: We’ve been feeling the cold wrath of winter for too long. The best thing to do may be to just sit back and enjoy the summer weather at the beach or right in your backyard.

“I’ve seen the pictures all my life, it’s so beautiful,” said Spencer. “I really want to go there.”

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