Disney Pixar lighting producer to visit EMU

The College of Technology is bringing Johnathon Pytko from Pixar Animation Studios to present and give a peek into the making of “The Good Dinosaur.”

The free event starts at 4 p.m. Wednesday in Roosevelt Hall Auditorium. Doors will open a half hour before the event, and reservations can be made at TheGoodDinosaurEMU@gmail.com.

Pytko worked as a lighting supervisor for “The Good Dinosaur,” which will be released on November 25. He will talk about his work during the presentation as well as show clips and answer questions.

Pytko’s responsibilities as a member of the lighting team are designing the final appearance of the film and capturing the audience’s attention and enhancing the story though light, color and composition. He also finds way to work with visual elements so the film looks how the director wants.

Other productions Pytko worked on include “The Incredibles,” “Cars,” “Cars 2,” “Ratatouille,” “WALLE” and “Up.” 

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