Wardrobe pieces to keep you warm

The end of fall and throughout winter in Michigan can be brutal. For those of us living in a college town, walking to work, class and going out can make it hard to stay warm.

Some students without a car have an even harder time. With these pieces, you can stay warm without giving up on your style.

Headband:These crochet headbands with bows come in an assortment of colors and keep you from having to take too much time on your hair when you’re rushing out the door. They can be worn with curly or straight hair for a dressed-up style or a casual look.

Infinity scarves:These scarves come crocheted, knitted, sheer, glittery or almost anything you can think of. They pull together any simple outfit with little to no effort. They will never get boring with all the colors and designs available.

Classic leggings:Whether you prefer Pink or Lululemon, black leggings go with everything. If black isn’t your choice of color, there are crazy designs and multiple colors to choose from as well.

Boots:Combat, slouch, Hunter, Steve Madden, you name them. They match with every pair of leggings or skinny jeans you own. These will keep your feet warm and dry while trudging through the arctic that Michigan turns into in the late months of the year.

With these essentials, you’ll be able to stay warm and never have to give up on expressing yourself through fashion.

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