Impress your date with a night under the stars

Impress your special someone with a night under the stars. On Friday, Nov. 13, the Eastern Michigan University Planetarium will be hosting a Date Night in Mark Jefferson Science Complex 402 from 7:30 to 9 p.m. 

EMU’s very own astronomer and Planetarium Coordinator, Thomas Kasper, will be giving Date Night’s presentation. The presentation will include a tour of the autumn stars. He will teach audience members bright stars and constellations to look out for in November’s night sky. 

The planetarium hosts 8-10 public shows like this one each fall, winter and summer semester. The shows are geared towards ages 18 and up. However, the presentation is appropriate for all ages. 

Audience members are able to text to a live poll and chose which feature presentation they would like to view. Choices include STARS, The Little Star that Could, Back to the Moon For Good and Season of Light. If the weather permits, there may even be a chance to visit the Sherzer Observatory after the show. 

“People really love experiencing the planetarium and I think they leave us with a better appreciation for the night time sky and learn some of the astronomy and mythology along the way,” Kasper said. 

He believes Date Night is popular at EMU because it gives people a chance to learn something new in a relaxed environment. It costs $5 to attend. This event is available to the public as well as student and tickets are available by visiting, calling 734.487.2282, or visiting the EMU Box Office.

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