Student Government passes resolution to solve issue of depleted student organization funds

Steven Cole, Student Body President proposed that Student Government form a funding panel to come up with a solution to the depleted Student Organization Allocation fund to the Business and Finance Committee. The proposal for the committee passed 3-0.

Cole said the committee will begin meeting the week after classes resume from spring break and will propose a budget adjustment. Money that has not been spent from the budget might be used to amend current line items. The amendment is being constructed and will be presented at the March 8 Student Senate meeting.

“The problem with this is how quickly the committee ran out of money” Cole said in reference to the lack of funds the Student Organization Allocation holds.

Evan Schrauben, Director of Finance, will lead the committee, which will consist of two Business and Finance senators and Speaker of the Senate, Kiera Fegan. The senator selection process is being discussed.

In his proposal, Cole wrote “Put most simply, this funding panel provides a quick solution so Student Government can continue to offer funding support for student organizations without significant delays.”

Cole said forming this committee and finding a solution to the depleted budget will allow student government “to continue meeting the needs of student groups.”

“I think this is a good recommendation” said Senator Joseph Pernicano said in regards to the funding panel. “This will benefit student [organizations] that have yet to come [to allocate money].”

Cole said because of this panel the Business and Finance Committee will be able offer money again on March 1.

The Business and Finance Committee passed two allocations at the meeting. The allocations are as follows:

  • The United Nations Student Association was allocated $180 to attend a conference.
  • The Women’s Club Softball was granted an allocation of $1,200 for umpire costs and league dues.

The Student Organization Allocation line item is now at $827.54.

Director of Social Justice, Maya Rich, updated the Public Affairs Committee on the legislative score cards to be used during the Day in Lansing Event. Student Government will continue finalizing the issues it will explore as the day approaches.

The Day in Lansing will be held April 12 and will give the EMU community an opportunity to learn about how laws in Lansing affect the university.

Speaker of the Senate, Kiera Fegan, told the Internal Affairs Committee that former Senator Beka Buzrukov has resigned from Student Government after accruing two and a half absences. There are now two available seats on the Senate.

The Academic and Student Affairs Committee passed a resolution, 3-0, to urge the university to explore and codify policies related to dual flush toilets in the restrooms in all construction and renovations at Eastern Michigan University. The resolution will now be discussed at the next Senate meeting.

The next committee meetings will be held on March 1 in the Student Center. For more information on Student Government, go here.

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