Senate passes resolution to provide music hall renovations

Members of Student Government at their regular meeting on Tuesday, April 5. 

The Student Government Senate passed a resolution unanimously to provide funding for renovations to the Alexander Music Hall at its regular meeting Tuesday night in the Student Center.

The resolution amends the Student Government Budget FY16 to allocate $30,000 to the summer-long renovations, totaling at $74,000.

Roger Vajda, a sophomore music education student, authored the resolution. When he first presented it to the Business and Finance Committee last Tuesday he said the renovations, the first since the building’s construction, will aid the School of Music and Dance in its recruitment of new students.

“It’s really important that this space is nice for recruiting purposes for our school,” Vajda said at last week’s meeting. “Especially when we’re going up and competing for schools against Central [Michigan University], Grand Valley [University], Michigan State [University], all of which have relatively new department buildings.”

Senator Joseph Pernicano said he supported the resolution.

“I think this is going to help [the School of Music and Dance] and prove that school’s ability to attract new students,” Pernicano said.

Senator Joshua Starr congratulated the students in the School of Music and Dance for the money they’ve raised on their own to put towards the renovations.

“Very often in Student Government, we talk about the things we want to see changed and then the dance begins of trying to find money within the university to do that,” Starr said. “But in this case, we have the resources ourselves to help that change, coming directly from us.”

More information on the renovations can be found here.

The Senate also passed a resolution 17-2 to encourage Campus Life to include a Fast Track financial aid information session.

According to the resolution, only parents receive information sessions on financial aid, housing, and dining, while students are the ones making the decisions. The resolution states that students will be better able to make informed decisions should they receive this information.

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