Eastern Idol 2017: Inclusion

This year’s Eastern Idol, also known as “trap-karaoke” to most of the student body, was held in the Student Center ballroom Wednesday, Oct. 18.

Tanasia Morton, chair to the Black Homecoming Committee, worked alongside another similar campus organization, The Nation, to host this successful homecoming event. The goal this year was to include everyone, despite all challenges.

“Keeping everyone organized, it’s very hard to ensure that everyone feels included… put a million songs in two hours. So that was one of the hardest things, is ensuring that everyone felt included. I think all of our Black Homecoming events during this week have showed a lot of unity. We’ve seen different organizations from all across campus come in and support each other and just have fun.” said Ms. Morton.

Many other students have felt that the Black Homecoming Committee and The Nation have successfully completed their goal. One anonymous student had something more to say about  Eastern Idol 2017 in comparison to 2016. “It was fun! It seemed like more involvement this year than lasts.” The inclusion appeared evident.

The Nation’s events have definitely drawn in the crowd this year. Many students came around just because they knew The Nation was involved with coordinating and could bring together many different people.

“This is my second time going to Eastern Idol since I’ve been at Eastern. The first time I went, it really wasn’t all that, but I heard The Nation was doing it, a prominent black org on campus. I might as well slide through… and it’s trap edition. Compared to the one I went to previously, this one is way better and I think it kind of promoted an inclusive environment and you had a lot of people from different orgs and a lot of people from different backgrounds come through the event, so it was dope to see that type of inclusivity on that level,” Said EMU student, Donacal Clemons.

The Black Homecoming Committee set out with a mindset to emphasize inclusivity this year’s Eastern Idol, and their dedication proved it successful.

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