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EMU Students Show Off Poetry Skills

College is a place for learning and creating new friendships. The Poetry Society at Eastern Michigan University also ensures that college is a place where students can speak about things that are important to them. The Poetry Society hosted a Lyric Lounge Feb. 7 on the third floor of the Student Center. It was the fourth one of the year and the first one of the winter semester.

Your next favorite band: The Stolen

Pop punk fans everywhere looking for a new band to blast through car speakers this summer need to look no further than right here. Hailing from New Jersey, The Stolen’s music is the perfect combination of dance-inducing tunes and guitar riffs that make for vibes that get stuck in your head for days on end.

Seven self-care habits for finals week

Here are some ways that you can remind yourself that you can do whatever you set your mind to, that you are stronger than you may think, and that it’s just as important to love yourself as it is to pass your exams.

Professor Doris Dowell: A Story of Dance

The curtain rises, the lights flood the stage. The music begins and the dancers take their places. A typical dance recital that those in the world of performing know all too well. However, behind every performance, every step, every combination, is someone who put those steps together and found a way to tell a story through movement. Professor Doris Dowell is the one behind those movements, at least for the course she teaches: DANCE 104L1, Hip Hop, at Eastern Michigan University (EMU). She also has classes at studios in Milan and Saline, Michigan. 

Five places to study on campus that AREN’T the library

Everyone knows that the library is an ideal place to get homework done. It’s quiet, there’s lots of different places to work at, and all sorts of resources all around. It seems like there would be no downsides, right? Well, there isn’t but as previously mentioned, everyone knows that the library is the place to go to get stuff done. Everyone goes to the library on campus. So, here are five places to go study that are nearby and just as good as the library.

Campus Life hosts Comedy Night with Mike Stanley

It’s a commonly used saying that laughter is the best medicine. At Eastern Michigan University, students were able to put it to the test at Comedy night hosted by Campus Life, with their normal Thursday night events. The nigth was full of laughter, food, and friends. The event took place on Jan. 25 in the Student Center. 

To The Bone: A Movie Review

To some, the name Lily Collins might bring up movies such as “Abduction” with Taylor Lautner, “The Blind Side” with Sandra Bullock, or even “Mirror Mirror” with Julia Roberts. Music fans might recognize her last name and a quick Google search reveals that she is, in fact, the daughter of English musician Phil Collins. What some may not recognize her for yet, is her role as the character Ellen in the Netflix Original movie, “To the Bone”.

Campus Life Hosts Jazz Night

On Thursday, January 11, Eastern Michigan University held Jazz Night, an event for both students and the public with music, food, and lots of dancing. The event took place in Room 300 of the Student Center, hosted by Campus Life, an EMU Student Organization.