5 Ways to Unwind from School

As college students, we have a lot of responsibilities and sometimes get overwhelmed. If you stay on campus, you might need a new scenery outside the four small walls of your room. Go on an adventure to unwind from school troubles, play music, and hang with friends. Don’t let school take over your mind! We can get a great education without letting it consume us and drive us crazy.

  1. Play Music

Music is a great way to relieve stress and to forget all the worries school brings us. Play some music and have your own dance party. Forget everything else going on temporarily and give the best concert to your favorite songs for your “fans”. 

2. Watch a Movie or Your Favorite Show

I know when I’m overwhelmed, it’s hard to work and maybe you even have a bit of writer’s block. Sometimes watching a show or playing a movie helps you to forget your worries and you’ll be able to start working again, but be sure to not binge when you have things due. Plan it out carefully.

3. Take a Trip

Don’t stay stuck inside! Have a favorite store? Drive to your favorite spot or if you don’t have a car, tag along with a friend or find a bus route. There are many places nearby that can take away the troubles. One of my favorite places to unwind is Barnes & Nobles, which brings us to our next point. 

4. Read a Book

Books are a great way to escape reality. Maybe you don’t like books, well reading one on the smart phone takes away the feeling of an actual book and I know a few who prefer online reading more, there is a great website/app known as Wattpad for those who love to write and read. Don’t want to read it yourself? Try audio books, great way to have a good story really sink in and take you away from your troubles. 

5. Hang with Friends

Last but not least, hang out with your friends! The people who make you laugh, help you forget momentarily that school is too much. 

Try any of these, all of these, or any other way not listed to unwind from school and you won’t go crazy your four years or however many years you have left. 

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