Police Blotter Feb. 3 – Feb. 10

Sunday, Feb. 4

An individual was cited for having no vehicle insurance during a routine traffic stop at N. Huron Street and W. Michigan Avenue at 12:06a.m. 

A student was found in possession of marijuana at Wise Hall at 12:03a.m. 

A driver was cited for driving with a suspended license at N. Huron River Drive and Westview Drive at 2:15p.m. 

Monday, Feb. 5

A driver was cited for driving with their license suspended at Washtenaw Avenue and N. Mansfield at 5:19p.m. 

A student reported being struck in the hip by a vehicle at Oakwood Street and Mayhew Street at 6:43p.m. The vehicle failed to stop and identify after the incident. 

Tuesday, Feb. 6

Graffiti was found on the gate arm control box at 611 W. Cross Street parking lot at 4:30p.m. 

Wednesday, Feb. 7

The Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Department reported domestic assault at 4833 N. Huron River Drive at 4:07p.m. 

A driver was cited for possession of marijuana and narcotic equipment during a routine traffic stop at S. Hamilton Street and Harriet Street at 8p.m. 

Thursday, Feb. 8

Multiple individuals were found using marijuana and narcotic equipment in Hill Residence Hall at 3:44p.m. 

Packaged brownies were stolen from the Crossroads Markeplace at 3:48p.m. The crime was reported ay 5:03p.m. 

An individual was arrested on warrant on Ballard Street and Cross Street at 6:18p.m. 

A sum of cash was reported stolen from a vehicle parked at Putnam Residence Hall at 9p.m. The crime was reported ay 10:11p.m. 

Friday, Feb. 9

The Ypsilanti Police Department reported 4th degree criminal sexual conduct and domestic assault at 12:56a.m. at 722 Lowell Street. 

Saturday, Feb. 10

No crimes reported

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