Be on the lookout for the upcoming issue of The Eastern Echo, on newsstands tomorrow morning. The paper will answer the following burning questions (and probably raise some as well):

  • How does managing editor Al Willman feel about EMU football coach Ron English?
  • How does opinions columnist Jumanah Saadeh feel about gender roles?
  • How does comics editor Christine “Crass” Deneweth feel about cats?
  • Who earned the coveted first-ever “Cartoonist of the Month” award?
  • Did the newspaper really dedicate an entire page to the “Breaking Bad” finale?
  • What do EMU students really think about Miley Cyrus’ infamous “Wrecking Ball” video?
  • Is there hope for Eminem?
  • And the answer to the usual question – what’s going on around our lovely campus?

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