On October 17th, I Am P.I.N.K. hosted a Dine and Donate at the Tower Inn in Ypsilanti. The Dine and Donate was one of the many events that was included during their “Pink Week” from Oct. 13th through the 19th. Twenty percent of all the proceeds from the event went back into the organization for resources that will be needed throughout the year. The event lasted from 5-10 p.m.

Misha Byrd, the president of P.I.N.K. was very pleased with the location and turnout of the event.

“I picked the Tower Inn because it was a place I Am P.I.N.K. had never done a dine and donate before; it was close and convenient for students to travel there. Plus they have really good food.”

Byrd also stated that the purpose of the dine and donate was to raise money for the upcoming events that they will be presenting on campus.

“P.I.N.K always does a ‘Dine and Donate’ as a part of our week of events that we have but also in order to fund-raise for bigger events that we do annually,” said Byrd, who is also the president of Pinky Promise.

“We will definitely be doing more fundraisers in order to raise money for a ‘Daddy Daughter Dance’ event were doing in order to bridge the gap between the father/daughter relationships; It’s scheduled to take place in late January; as well as our annual PROM Dress Drive.”

The acronym I Am P.I.N.K. stands for “I AM Positive that my past will not define my future, Introducing myself to the world, Never giving up on my dreams and Knocking on success’s door.” The group’s mission is to simply provide a fun environment for inner city girls to build positive relationships with peers, parents, friends and professionals. They also aim to prevent the girls from experiencing, violence, teen pregnancy, low self-esteem, low graduation rates, drugs and alcohol.

For more information about joining I Am P.I.N.K., contact Misha Byrd at mbyrd10@emich.edu or visit iampink.org.