Since this is my first post, I’m going to promise you two things (for both my sanity and, hopefully, your reading interest): 1. this will not always revolve around Eastern or Ypsi
2. be serious

But, for my first blog, it will be both.

I’m not from Ypsilanti. I’m not even from Michigan. I’m from south Dallas. While there was a gang presence at my High School, and it wasn’t exactly safe to walk around downtown at midnight by yourself, I never worried too much about my personal safety. I felt I could handle myself if the situation arose, and I carried that attitude into college with me. I’m often on campus late and walk home alone after dark (which is less then a block off campus) or walk to bars or restaurants at ten at night and never thought anything of it.

Unfortunately, neither did a friend/colleague of mine, and he got assaulted just off campus. Nothing got stolen and nothing provoked the attackers, but that didn’t change the end result.

While it sucks that we have to worry about this, many students live on and around campus in a city that has a bit of a reputation. While many of the residents are students just like us, this town is also home to all other kinds, both good and bad. As people who (presumably) have some connection with Eastern and Ypsi, how do you feel about this possible safety issue? How do/did you handle your personal safety, especially after dark? Do you think Eastern should take any further precautions for the safety of their students? How many of you use the service of SEEUS or even know what it is and how to contact them?

Maybe if we all share, we can make a change? Or at least be overly optimistic about it.