An Eastern Michigan University student has been charged with arson after setting fire to a trash can in the Student Center this morning.

The subject, a 55-year-old male, was spotted by video surveillance cameras outside the Student Center and arrested shortly after on campus by officers of the Department of Public Safey.

“It was quick work,” Robert Heighes, Interim Chief Police of the DPS, said.

Reports of a fire in a family restroom on the second floor were made at 12:30 a.m. by building staff, according to Carlos Costa, Director of the Student Center. The Ypsilanti Fire Department managed to control the fire and water damage caused by ceiling sprinklers by 3:30 a.m.

“Once someone reported a fire and the alarms went off, DPS was able to review the video footage and recognized him hiding on campus,” Carlos Costa, Director of the Student Center, said.

Officers are investigating the reason behind his delay to flee campus. It was confirmed he does not live on university grounds, but nearby in an apartment complex.

“I haven’t spoken with him but I don’t get the feeling he’s all there,” Heighes said.

Heighes stated the student’s arraignment may begin this afternoon. Until then, he has been charged with arson, a 10-year felony.