Matthew Norfleet and Desmond Miller won the election for Eastern Michigan University Student Government president and vice president, as reported Thursday night by Student Government.

Norfleet and Miller received 1,143 votes. Their opponents, Josh Lowe and Jake Speck, received 957 votes, and David Yanagi and Ryan Roper received 657 votes.

Miller will be the first freshman to be elected into office as Student Government Vice President. Previously, the eligibility guidelines to the office did not permit freshmen to hold office.

Current Student Government President Jelani McGadney said he and Vice President Jeffrey Chicoine would work with Norfleet and Miller “during the transition to continue the work” of Student Government.

A total of 2,757 students voted, 91 more than last year’s 2,666 turnout.

Chicoine said he was pleased with the increase in voter participation.

“The fact that this threshold was achieved is a credit to all the candidates,” Chicoine said.

Norfleet said he and Miller were “elated” by their victory and are “committed to protecting and enhancing the voice of the student body.” They will take office April 29, 2012.