I commend state Rep. Hugh Crawford, chairman of the House Regulatory Reform Committee for not preceding with a bill that would ban owning a pit bull terrier in Michigan. According to a Detroit News article, state Rep. Tim Bledsoe wanted to enact a law that would make breeding them illegal after one year and owning them illegal after 10. The pit bulls I know are playful and love to lick away. My friends and neighbors should not be made criminals for other irresponsible dog owners.

This can be a sensitive topic, especially for those who have been mauled, but compared to the total number of pit bull terriers in Michigan, an attack is very rare.

From The Detroit News:“http://detnews.com/article/20110611/POLITICS02/106110346/Bill-to-ban-pit-bulls-dies#ixzz1P5xXs44I”:http://detnews.com/article/20110611/POLITICS02/106110346/Bill-to-ban-pit-bulls-dies#ixzz1P5xXs44I