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STAFF EDITORIAL: Ypsilanti better served by Obama’s visit, not Ann Arbor

(04/02/14 6:49pm)

The city of Ypsilanti is not spectacular, but it is symbolic of the kind of people and places which would be effected by his proposal to increase the minimum wage. Which is why The Eastern Echo’s editorial board was dispirited to hear President Obama would speak at University of Michigan this Wednesday instead of Eastern Michigan University. Given the stated subject of the president’s remarks it would have meant more to students and faculty here rather than there.

Kid Rock for Senate?

(09/21/17 12:50pm)

Kid Rock took the stage at the Little Caesars Arena grand opening, Tuesday, Sept. 12. The decision to have Kid Rock was controversial because of his recent comments about the confederate flag and his ambitions to take on Senator Debbie Stabenow and become Michigan’s new Senator. What would a “Kid Rock for Senate Campaign” look like?  

A reflection of Apartheid

(09/29/17 11:27am)

This past week, as reported in the Echo, the “Students for Justice in Palestine” held a protest at the freedom wall which, not surprisingly, turned out to be rather controversial.  Now, there are many different aspects of this event one could review or criticize, from freedom of speech to the many divisions between campus organizations, but I am going to focus on the heart of the protest, the accusation of Israel being an Apartheid State.

A Letter to the Editor from Students for Justice in Palestine

(10/24/17 7:49pm)

Last week, an article was released in the Eastern Echo titled “A Mirrored Reflection of Apartheid.” While it is no surprise that colonizer rhetoric tends to dictate and the misconstrue the discourse surrounding oppressed peoples liberation struggle in effort to demonize organizing efforts, there are multiple claims that we would like to clear up since this article was a direct response to the mock Apartheid wall that Students for Justice in Palestine painted on the Freedom Walls.