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Creationist theme park shouldn't get backing

(02/09/12 1:51am)

Gov. Steve Beshear, Democrat of Kentucky, has lent his support to a creationist theme park, Ark Adventure, commissioned by Answers in Genesis. He has not only lent his support vocally, but he has itemized in the state’s budget a tax break worth $43 million for the park. This story appeared on The Huffington Post, and I couldn’t have been more confounded.

Super Bowl Sunday

(02/02/12 12:04am)

You cannot look at the modern era of football without first acknowledging the prowess and dominance of the New England Patriots. Since Bill Belichick took over the team in 2000, the Patriots have won three Super Bowls out of the four they reached, won all 16 regular season games for the first time in NFL history in 2007, and broken countless team and individual records in the process. Belichick has three AP Coach of the Year awards, one less than the legendary Don Shula.

Cuts keep getting made, students get worst end

(01/30/12 1:16am)

New federal regulations regarding student financial aid are not being kind to Eastern Michigan University. In a Jan. 23 article, The Eastern Echo mentioned, “students who were full-time during fall and winter semesters will no longer be eligible for Pell Grants during the upcoming summer semester.” Where students could once use two years worth of aid per year to speed along graduation, this option is no longer available.

Greek Life offers advantages

(01/30/12 12:44am)

I compete for the Eastern Michigan University forensics team. As a result, I meet people from all over the country who share a love for interpretation, critical analysis and communication in general. However, I was caught off guard when a woman I met from Illinois State University gave a speech in which she proudly declared that she was “Greek,” that is, she is in a sorority.

NSOAs help incoming students get acclimated to EMU campus

(01/26/12 1:52am)

As many know, orientation is a pretty big deal here at Eastern Michigan University. It’s an intense four-day experience that helps acclimate incoming students to their new surroundings while also giving them a chance to bond with fellow students. Only, a lot of work goes into our orientation, and it absolutely wouldn’t be possible without a very passionate group of individuals known as New Student Orientation Assistant.

What's in store for Tebow?

(01/19/12 12:56am)

Tim Tebow. It’s not just a name. It’s an emotion, a story, a belief. The man is just that – a man. Tebow has become the most polarizing figure in professional sports. In regards to his person, there’s no middle ground. You love him or you hate him. You root for him, or you root against him. Or you simply enjoy “Tebowing” to get a reaction.