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International workers

(01/09/12 1:26am)

Governor Rick Snyder is pushing for more immigrants to settle in Michigan. An article states, “It’s time for Michigan to start importing talent. That’s the philosophy underpinning Gov. Rick Snyder’s decision to push Washington to loosen federal laws to attract and retain more talented and educated immigrants.”

Don't write Ron off

(12/15/11 12:55am)

As easy as it is for liberals — at least the liberals who haven’t swooned by his libertarian seduction — to write off Congressman Ron Paul’s (R-TX) as a crackpot, they should be cautious. Albeit the septuagenarians wrinkles and languor, he embodies curious ideas and wisdom for the country.

Tax cuts not the way

(12/08/11 1:35am)

The Republican Party could easily describe the macroeconomic policies of the Democratic Party as ‘tax and spend,’ but then, not much can be said for their approach or stewardship over the U.S. economy. I’ve often imagined a political cartoon with a house on fire, and next to it is a caricature of Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH), dressed as fireman, yelling, “Throw some tax cuts at it.”