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(11/10/11 2:35am)

If you’ve followed the string of crises that have stricken America since the crash on Wall Street, you’ve heard we’ve suffered a housing crisis, credit crisis, job crisis, debt crisis and a financial crisis that really set off the previously mentioned crises.

The Echo Water Cooler: Committee on Deficit Reduction

(11/09/11 4:02pm)

“With just five weeks until its deadline, a secretive Congressional committee seeking ways to cut the federal deficit is far from a consensus, and party leaders may need to step in if they want to ensure agreement, say people involved in the panel’s work,” reported the New York Times. The secretive committee, officially known as the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction, has come to the expected impasse. Its membership comprised of six Republicans and six Democrats, evenly divided between members of the Senate and the House.

Occupy movement still effective without goals

(11/07/11 1:59am)

The Students for a Democratic Society was a group of mostly college and graduate students who caught national attention for seeking idealistic changes in the United States in early 1960s. The group was concerned with combating entrenched racism, the nuclear arms race and economic inequality. Though overtly idealistic, the SDS has been credited with providing a foundation for the Civil Rights Movement and anti-war movement that has now become inextricably linked to the 1960s.

City council tries fixing budget mess

(11/07/11 1:57am)

Ypsilanti’s City Council is trying to find ways to solve the city’s budget crisis, according to an article: “The Ypsilanti City Council instructed city staff to begin investigating a wide range of solutions to its projected $10.69 million budget shortfall. During a ‘free form’ discussion at a special goal-setting meeting on Tuesday night, council members each offered ideas and thoughts on measures to close the gap.”

Why economics?

(10/27/11 1:40am)

Recently a student who already decided on a combined major with ‘Actuarial Science and Economics’ visited my office and expressed interest in taking mathematics as her second major. I encouraged her by highlighting that such a double major would be beneficial either to becoming an actuarial professional, or pursuing an advanced degree in economics at a top university.

Restructuring 'innovation'

(10/27/11 1:38am)

Steve Jobs recently passed away; his death garnering him favorable comparisons to the likes of Henry Ford and Thomas Edison. I was struck by the rather numbing uniformity of praise for the mind behind Apple: brilliant, confident and, perhaps above all, an innovator. Looking past the seeming robotic feel to it all, the importance of innovation was help as a self-evident, sacrosanct value.

Budget matter of quality vs. price

(10/24/11 1:10am)

Eastern Michigan University has some budget problems. Namely, it’s short by about $4.6 million, according to an article. The article explains, “EMU Chief Financial Officer John Lumm told the EMU Board of Regents on Tuesday that the shortfall, which was reported at $1.7 million at last month’s regents’ meeting, had ballooned to $4.6 million by Sept. 15.”