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Zeroes and Ones #2

Our mysterious protagonist finds himself face to face with... a call? But to what?

1/24/2020, 1:55pm


Many people have something to look forward to with their jobs. Being a hero for Pale-Spider is something he cherishes for the lives of the world.

1/23/2020, 12:07pm

Adventures of A.C. #13

Our errand-running hero is still under the thumb of Hero Inc., but will a chance encounter with a mysterious being change A.C's larger role in the hero world?Needs to be posted Tuesday

1/20/2020, 10:43pm

Dr. Sphere #13

The diabolical plans of Dr. Sphere and his allies are set in motion, what dastardly fate awaits the world?

1/20/2020, 10:32pm

The Legend of X #13

Last time in The Legend of X, Xzania's actions caught the eye of the city police, putting her on the run! Now, Xzania continues her run from the cops, this time with the aid of her close friend, Ollie. What will our hero encounter next? Find out in the next issue of The Legend of X!

1/19/2020, 10:44am

Lil Cheep

Lil cheep has begun classes, and he is more than willing to participate!

1/19/2020, 10:44am

Zeroes and Ones #1

A new horrific story begins in this dark world filled with betrayal and murder... Welcome, to the life and death world of Zeroes and Ones! Will you survive?

1/17/2020, 9:19pm


Witnessing the weird is kind of a part of being a hero and Monstra-Man has certainly witnessed the weird during his patrols!

1/15/2020, 12:01pm

Adventures of A.C. #12

A.C has begun his brand new crime fighting career at Heroes Inc. doing... coffee orders? That's right! A.C is being subjected to the errand boy role in this just corporation! Will he ever get past the wall of chai tea and lattes to prove himself as a hero? Read on and find out!

1/15/2020, 10:03am

Kids R' Us

Kids have to keep an eye out for each other! Even if you have to step on a friend's hand to protect them from touching a battery that could explode!

1/15/2020, 10:03am

Lil Cheep

So begins a new adventure in the academic world! One with a Lil Cheep!“He’s” in the illustration should be changed to “He”

1/15/2020, 10:03am

Donut Dayz

Getting a new job is sometimes just as easy as walking in and asking. Makes you wonder what other donut holes are in the deal.