4/3/2020, 7:12pm

Lil Cheep

Lil Cheep knows everything is kinda tough right now, but don't fret! Storms bring flowers, there will always be something to look forward to.

4/2/2020, 9:38am


Grappler reveals why he became a hero: to get revenge for his father's death. But he couldn't bring himself to killing the man who took his father away, knowing that his father wouldn't approve of his actions. This was when he set out to be his own hero, a super hero who saves lives instead of taking them!

4/1/2020, 10:30am


A penny for your thoughts could be the next big income method.

3/26/2020, 7:14pm

Billo: My Cat from The Underworld #5

A human has taken in Billo, but that same human is not so jazzed about him being a demon! On top of that, someone ahs just caught the two at home! What are they going to do!?

3/25/2020, 12:01pm


Some heroes have to make their own costumes, and the arachnid hero Poison-Spider is certainly handy with a thread and needle.

3/25/2020, 8:36am


Remember everyone, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. So be aware...

3/23/2020, 3:55pm

Darkest of Evil

Dark lords worry about their contribution to the world too, I mean, someone has to make sure there's a little evil left in the world.

3/23/2020, 3:54pm

Plague H. Doctor

March is Women's History Month! In honor of that, the Plague Doctor is taking a look back at all of the great women who contributed to the world of medicine.

3/23/2020, 3:50pm

Lil Cheep

Dress Lil Cheep up! Print this out and cut out Lil Cheep's little outfits for a day of fashion!