1/15/2020, 10:02am


Being a superhero doesn't pay, so it's often best to run before the cops can make you pay for damage from a super villainous fight!

1/15/2020, 10:02am

Darkest of Evil

A new dark lord has appeared but he must ensure his rule is absolute! He seeks out his fortune teller for a glimpse of fate and is displeased with their "childish" findings...

1/10/2020, 2:05pm


What is a hero without their arch nemesis? In the heroine Devil Angel's case, her immortal foe is the vile Veneficus, the dark magic caster who only seeks to let chaos reign in the world!

1/6/2020, 10:21pm

The Legend of X #12

This time on The Legend of X: Xzania's call made it through just in time! But now the police are on her tail! Will she be able to shake them? Or was her call in vain? Find out in the next issue of The Legend of X!

12/19/2019, 3:02pm


#problemsofacollegesuperhero and #secretsofacollegesuperhero series will be taking a short break for the holidays, thanks for understanding!

12/19/2019, 3:02pm

Adventures of A.C #11

Our intrepid hero A.C has finally made it up in the world, literally! The newly trained hero has found himself in the headquarters of the world's saviors: Heroes Inc. But what will his new position be for such an agency?

12/15/2019, 10:29pm


Lainna Joy has been the fiery heroine Cherry for quite some time, ever since she was a freshman in college to be exact!

12/14/2019, 9:32pm

Adventures of A.C #10

A.C.s’ training continues, but he learns some individuals higher up in the world have interest in him. Who are these individuals? And will his talent ever show through for them?

12/9/2019, 1:12pm

Dr. Sphere #9

The diabolical Dr. Sphere has been approached by a mysterious group, one composed of only villains!

12/9/2019, 1:11pm

The Legend of X #11

Xzania seems to have finally lost the police, but one problem remains: She doesn’t have a way home! Will she figure something out before the cops catch up to her again?

12/6/2019, 9:48pm


We get a little personal with the tech hero Grappler as we learn he does have a lucky someone back home!