12/3/2019, 11:45am

Adventures of A.C. #9

Our training hero, A.C., ponders over his fight with the dubious Dr. Sphere, and his new mentor might know more than he is telling the young hero.

12/2/2019, 3:23pm


E-Mo, the introvert hero, has landed himself an alien girlfriend, Zela, who is also an introvert. Good times all around.

11/27/2019, 12:18pm

Adventures of A.C. #8

A.C.’s intense training has begun with his new and mysterious ally. But will A.C. be able to survive the grueling tasks his mentor presents to him?

11/27/2019, 11:42am


All heroes are driven by something to do good, so what makes the arachnid hero Poison-Spider don his mask?

11/26/2019, 11:16am

Dr. Sphere #8

After training with his alien master for two years, is Dr. Sphere now ready to unleash such new power onto the universe?

11/25/2019, 10:59pm

The Legend of X #10

Last time on The Legend of X: Xzania has finally defeated the Indwa, and earning a new skill from it. A new figure has entered the scene as well. But what does this mean for her?

11/20/2019, 3:50pm


The powerhouse hero E-Mo didn't always have his black and silver guise, he instead had something less...flattering.

11/19/2019, 12:04am


When you start out as a hero, you’re often times alone on patrol. But that changes when you join a team.

11/19/2019, 12:03am

Dr. Sphere #7

After meeting his mentor, Dr. Sphere quickly learned that appearances mean nothing in the realm of power!

11/16/2019, 5:26pm


The alien hero, Pale-Spider, pulls back the curtain on how he hides his arachnid powers from the world!