9/22/2019, 2:58pm

The Legend of X #5

This time Xzania finds out that she has been chosen to be the protector of Earth. She doesn't believe it, but as the only one with the power to stop the Indwa monster, she has to make a choice. Will she continue to deny fate?

9/19/2019, 10:22am


This hero may be from beyond the stars but he won't falter in providing peace and safety! Arach Roz is the savior from the stars, Pale-Spider!

9/16/2019, 10:08pm

Hijinx Detectives

A new series is making its way into the Eastern Echo! Here to solve the little mysteries of childhood, here are the “Hijijnx Detectives”!

9/16/2019, 10:08pm


A new crime fighting duo has formed for the new academic year: Poison-Spider and Pale-Spider are swinging in and webbing up crime!

9/16/2019, 10:00am

Kollege Talez

Introducing Kollege Talez, a story about a group of college kids just trying to graduate, live, learn and enjoy all that college has to offer.

9/13/2019, 2:18pm


This man has the attitude of a true public hero! Studying until the sun sets as Tony Tolle. He soars in from the skies to deliver justice as the bizarre hero Monstra-Man!

9/9/2019, 10:17pm

The Legend of X #4

Xzania received a mysterious stone from a mysterious meteor, but what does it all mean? Maybe the answers are more mystical than she thinks.

9/4/2019, 1:12am


She may be shy, but she can take the stage with her own magical flare! Hannah Vallery is the mystical superhero Devil Angel!