10/1/2020, 3:26pm

Donut Dayz

Your significant other should always give you a true answer... Even if it hurts...

9/29/2020, 9:31am


Pale-Spider is from another world, and as such has his own ways to calm down. But... Earth has people who don't know what "calm down" really means.

9/23/2020, 2:29pm

Steel Eagle #2

The story of Steel Eagle continues as we now meet two cops who are unaware how big of an effect the vigilante will have on their job.

9/17/2020, 3:16pm


The vigilante Shade Feather failed to stop a mercenary from blowing up an apartment building, and she hasn't stopped thinking about it. The hero, E-Mo, who is also her boyfriend in their real lives, finds her after the incident. Being a hero isn't all fun and games, and it's a hard lesson to learn...

9/14/2020, 10:02am

Kids R' Us

Sadly, some kids can't reach their dreams. Not because they don't want to, but because their bodies can't keep up. But this doesn't mean their passion will ever fade.

9/10/2020, 7:04am

Steel Eagle #1

This is the first issue of an all new series by Nick M.: Steel Eagle! Be introduced to an all new hero who has a tougher grit than most, and a will made of steel! Stay tuned for more action with this avian hero!

8/25/2020, 9:27am


Nick M., the creator of "#problemsofacollegesuperhero" and "#secretsofacollegesuperhero" has a quick announcement for all of his dear readers.

8/18/2020, 12:00am


Even though our normal heroes have been around for years, there are still others who have worn a mask for longer, and they are so cool!

8/3/2020, 12:39pm


The arachnid hero Poison-Spider has been cloned! But by who? And why does his clone look more like a spider!?

7/27/2020, 4:44pm


The anti-hero Shade-Feather has made a grave mistake. Will she continue her punishing ways, or will she tuly learn what it means to be a hero?

7/22/2020, 8:26pm

Kids R' Us

Staying safe right now means keeping your distance, kids may have trouble understanding that.