8/3/2020, 12:39pm


The arachnid hero Poison-Spider has been cloned! But by who? And why does his clone look more like a spider!?

7/27/2020, 4:44pm


The anti-hero Shade-Feather has made a grave mistake. Will she continue her punishing ways, or will she tuly learn what it means to be a hero?

7/22/2020, 8:26pm

Kids R' Us

Staying safe right now means keeping your distance, kids may have trouble understanding that.

7/11/2020, 10:09am

Hijinx Detectives #26

The girls of our studious sleuths are having a sleepover, but will their get together really be all sweet dreams?

6/24/2020, 10:45am

Black Lives Matter Support

Want to support the Black Lives Matter movement? Then check out these stickers, prints, and pins made by Isabella Kalakailo on Redbubble! All proceeds go to supporting the movement through donating to the Detroit Bail Project.

6/22/2020, 5:25pm


The hero E-Mo has discovered the identity of the new vigilante, Shade-Feather, and she's his girlfriend?!

6/17/2020, 7:41pm

Black Lives Matter Support

If you want to help the Black Lives Matter movement, donate to Secure Act Blue to support their endeavors right now. If you wish to take part in their protests as well, go to Amazon and check out this Safety Guide to stay safe and healthy.

6/9/2020, 12:00am


Excuses to do hero work often involve going to the bathroom, letting many friends question if our heroes have an issue.