1/29/2020, 7:53pm

Donut Dayz

Being there for people is important. Giving them a discount on unrelated events is a different story.

1/29/2020, 7:53pm

Lil Cheep

Lil Cheep has stirred up some trouble with the law, but will they ever figure out who he is?

1/29/2020, 7:53pm

Dr. Sphere #14

The vile villain group Paradise is striking out to destroy the heroes at Heroes Inc.! Will evil finally triumph over good?

1/29/2020, 7:52pm

Darkest of Evil

An evil overlord's lair is nothing without its traps, but maybe not paying attention to them during installation could be a problem.

1/29/2020, 7:52pm

Plague H. Doctor

Welcome to the new series on improper medical sciences! Follow the sickly escapades of a new plague doctor trying to understand why he needs a PhD to be professional.

1/29/2020, 3:29pm

Adventures of A.C #14

While on an errand run for Heroes Inc., our intrepid hero, A.C., encounters a mysterious being, and it doesn't seem to want to be friends!

1/24/2020, 1:55pm


Many people have something to look forward to with their jobs. Being a hero for Pale-Spider is something he cherishes for the lives of the world.

1/23/2020, 12:07pm

Adventures of A.C. #13

Our errand-running hero is still under the thumb of Hero Inc., but will a chance encounter with a mysterious being change A.C's larger role in the hero world?Needs to be posted Tuesday

1/20/2020, 10:43pm

Dr. Sphere #13

The diabolical plans of Dr. Sphere and his allies are set in motion, what dastardly fate awaits the world?