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Strengthening Friendships One Meal at a Time

The term “broke college student” is one that the 18-25-year-old knows far too well. Not only does it feel like being in college leads to a loss of money, but to a loss of friendships as well. How can these relationships be rekindled? How does grocery shopping and cooking help bring friends closer together? And most importantly, how do you pull together a quick meal together when you’re on a budget? 

Sweet treats for your Valentine

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner it’s about time to start thinking about what the perfect dessert for your Valentine is.

Food delivery tips

Have you ever woken up without hitting that snooze alarm, showered, looking your best and ready get some food with friends, then you open the door to face the world and BOOM... winter’s wind hits you like John Cena beating your face with a bag of ice?

Welcome to Michigan.

What's your culture cooking?

Grab your forks and dig in. It is almost that time were we come together as a family and pig out on our favorite dishes.

Fun, easy turkey-themed treats

With Thanksgiving being just a few days away, it’s easy to get into the spirit with some turkey-themed desserts to spice up your dinner tables this Thursday.

​Casablanca brings Mediterranean flavor to Ypsilanti

Morocco meets Ypsilanti on Washtenaw Street’s new, six-month old restaurant, Casablanca. If you’re looking for a taste of something original, fresh, affordable, and very close to Eastern’s campus, then you should check them out.

This hole-in-the-wall hotspot has delicious and authentic Mediterranean flavors just waiting to be explored.

Food Gatherers to host annual Grillin' event

One in seven people in Washtenaw County struggle with hunger. Food Gatherers, a local food bank and food rescue organization, has worked since 1988 to help remedy this situation.

One of Food Gatherers’ biggest fund raising events is a summer picnic, Grillin’, which brings the community together to raise money for the organization.