Ben Petiprin


Caribbean Delights offers fresh choices

The interior of G’s Caribbean Delights is about as modest as the façade, but I urge the customer to have some faith. While the scant, Island-themed decorations might seem tacky at first, they foreshadow a real experience. Waves of balmy heat from a large blackened stove and the mysterious scents of meats mixed with vague spices erode all cynicism and transport the diner to the tropics. In no time I was bouncing along to the constant reggae and calypso music, taking eager bites of my food at the completion of each drum loop.

Vigilantes encourage security, not paranoia

It is much easier for the supreme egocentric to find conspiracies outside of his day-to-day life. Not because he has trouble seeing connections in the events that happen around him, but because every person, animal and natural occurrence that enter his vision seem to strive for his attention or for a means to sabotage him.

Palestinians miss opportunity

After 1,400 Palestinians were killed in an Israeli campaign last winter, an increasing number of Eastern Michigan University students began decorating their throats with the traditional checkered keffiyeh.