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Budget forum discusses 0-0-0 initiative

Eastern Michigan University president Susan Martin and chief financial officer John Lumm held the first of four budget forums at the Student Center auditorium last Thursday. The forum, which gave an overview of the fiscal year 2010-11 budget overview, was open to all students, faculty and staff for the purpose of transparency and better understanding of EMU’s budget, budget processes and financial position.

Commuters add to carbon footprint

All students, faculty and staff who travel to and from campus should consider the means of transportation they use, according to Steven Moore II, Eastern Michigan University’s energy and sustainability manager.

IT official discusses department's role

Chief Information Officer Carl R. Powell held a question-and-answer session last Thursday in the Student Center about technology at Eastern Michigan University. The conversation, tagged “Coffee with the CIO,” was open to all and gave people the opportunity to ask questions centered on the development of IT at EMU.

Discussion explores women’s fights for gender equality, opportunities

A panel of three women talked in the Carillon room Tuesday about their walk through life and their experiences of being a woman. This panel discussion commemorated Women’s History Month and celebrated the passage of the 19th Amendment, in which women were given the right to vote. The panelists were Marcia McMullen, political activist and founder of Women Progressive Activists; Eve Fortson, who practiced medicine; and Letitia Byrd, the first African-American teacher in Ann Arbor Public Schools. The discussion started with each panelist sharing a bit about her childhood and the way women were seen then. “I was raised in a family that respected women,” McMullen said.

Regents listen to union pitch

More than two dozen Eastern Michigan University adjunct lecturers packed the seats at a Board of Regents meeting Tuesday, to voice their support for forming a union. Mark Wenzel and Peter Thomason, adjuncts at EMU, spoke on behalf of the Adjunct Lecturers’ Organizing Committee, the organization formed to help adjuncts organize.