Carmen Bojanowski


‘Killer’ themes give horror movies their scream factor

There are several types of horror films. There are the ones that you forget and confuse with others of the genre, and the ones that you remember. Then there are the ones that make you uneasy when you go to sleep that night or have you watching through your fingers. Something that really helps a movie out when it comes to the scare-factor is when it has a “killer” soundtrack.

Knoxville to portray film’s ‘Bad Grandpa’

“Jackass: Bad Grandpa,” the fourth film from the franchise, will be filled with all of the crass hidden camera debauchery that we’ve come to know and love, with a bit more direction than the previous “Jackass” films.

Blood drive held at Student Center

The school year has begun, and so has the first blood drive of the year. The American Red Cross was stationed in the Student Center Monday and Tuesday from noon until 5:45 p.m. for students to donate blood.

Ypsilanti musician Watabou works on new projects, shows

Travis Jarosz is a pretty common name in the Ypsilanti music scene. He’s been involved in a few musical projects, ranging from metal bands to some short-lived jazz projects. He’s currently working with indie band Walk Your Bike, electro-punk Crochetcatpause and his electronic side project, Watabou. Watabou started in April 2009 as a general outlet for Jarosz’s musical ideas. He was involved in a couple of bands, but many of his bandmates were focused on the sound their band was creating or weren’t able to fully dedicate themselves to being in a band.

Echo staff express favorites in love songs

Through the ages, many artists expressed their love for their respective hunnies through song. Being one of those universal feelings and all that, love songs are something most people can relate to, so understandably, there is a metric crapton of them swimming about out there. Music writer Carmen Bojanowski, music critic Matt Rice (of Matt on Music) and life editor/resident music major Jess Salisbury weighed in on their personal favorites.

Alum leads Metro Worship band

About four years ago, Jon Whaley attended Eastern Michigan University, studying arts management. Today, he is the leader of Metro Worship, a collective effort of all of the worship bands at Metro South Church in Taylor, Mich.