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EMU professor tributes Diego Rivera with dance

For Diego, a dance video created by Eastern Michigan University Professor of Dance Dr. Joanna McNamara will be presented May 20 at Zankel Hall in New York City, as part of a Manhattan Contemporary Chamber Ensemble (MCCE) performance.

The four phases of studying for final exams

College students are no strangers to the most dreaded week of the semester – finals week. Freshman year you are likely to make a lot of mistakes regarding studying for exams, such as preparing too late or not preparing at all.

EMU junior first to perform at gala event

Eastern Michigan University junior and dance major Chloé Gray performed her self-choreographed solo piece at the East Central American College Dance Festival on March 2. Out of 45 dances, Gray’s was selected, along with 10 others, to be performed at the concluding Gala Concert on March 5.

Visions concert allows for a variety of art, genres

“It offers a wide range of perspectives on the world we live in, all through a lens of dance,” professor of dance Joanna McNamara said of Visions, Eastern Michigan University Department of Music and Dance’s 62nd Annual Faculty and Guest Artist Concert.

D.A.R.E event held at EMU

In a room of women, the one thing they all have in common is what also makes them different – a set of experiences that make each and every one of those women who they are. These women were gathered in room 360 of the Student Center for the “Do You D.A.R.E.” event held by Zeta Sigma Chi Mulitcultural Sorority. Dominique E. Moore, the public relations chair and website administrator of Zeta Sigma Chi, says the event is about motivating young women to overcome adversity.

COLUMN: Anorexia is not a costume

If a woman wants to dress provocatively for Halloween, she can choose anything from a police officer to a sexy Disney Princess, but now, she can even dress as an eating disorder.

Commonly broken rules of social media

Let’s face it — it can definitely be said that social media is at the center of everyone’s lives these days. But as much as we love and rely on social media for not only entertainment, but communication and even professional purposes, there are things people post on social media that make us want to reach through the computer and thump them on the head.

Ways to avoid the famous “freshman 15”

“The freshman 15” is a phrase that can elicit horror among college students everywhere. It refers to the weight that some college freshmen gain as a result of partying, overeating and making unhealthy food choices in the school cafeteria.

MTV analyzes womanhood

There are certain aspects of womanhood that contain unspoken rules — the things that women understand and things that leave guys scratching their heads.

Ypsi considers redeveloping train depot

The Ypsilanti train depot near Depot Town is one of several properties being considered by the Ypsilanti Downtown Development Authority for redevelopment.