David Konarske


Lame duck, lame voters

Recently, the Michigan State Senate’s bill to raise fuel taxes to improve the roads passed by a 23 to 14 vote, in the lame duck session. For those who do not know, a lame duck session is the time between the election and the beginning of the new state senate term.

EMU hosts Great Lakes Mock Trial Invitational

Eastern Michigan University hosted the 4th annual Great Lakes Mock Trial Invitational over the weekend. The tournament consisted of two rounds of mock trial each day, and took up the entire third and fourth floors of Pray-Harrold.

Don't let traditional letter writing die

Last week, I wrote a friend of mine a letter. This is not a normal practice for me, but he had done the same for me upon his graduation from this university. While it was a little late, I still felt the need to reciprocate.

Religious freedom needs to be considered

Bait and switch on gay marriage?Over the course of this debate, one refrain has been consistent by those advocating in support of gay marriage: The religious liberties of clergy and religious officials will not be compromised.Even when shop owners are sued for respectfully declining to provide services to gay marriage ceremonies, the refrain continues.

EMU administration out of step with students

Every year since I became a student at Eastern Michigan University, students have complained about parking. I, a commuter, even wrote a column about why parking was not as bad as people thought. However, as enrollment has gone up and I have had more experience, I agree that we need more parking that is convenient to students.

Public Unions and the EAA

A Sept. 23 article heralded the return of the Education Achievement Authority to the public discourse.

24-hour news over-covers Boston bombing

On April 15, a horrifying event took place when a pair of terrorists set off two bombs at the Boston Marathon. The 24-hour news outlets covered it all day, reporting on updated death tolls and the like, which was understandable.