Erin Gullekson


Live, online course options needed

These days, there are many different ways to get an education. There is the traditional method of sitting in a classroom, there are private teachers whom you can pay to teach a specific skill, and then there are online classes, which seem to be growing in popularity.

EMU students need food service at McKenny

A few years ago the new Student Center was built and food services in McKenny Hall ceased to exist. This worked out fine for people who parked near the Student Center or had classes in a nearby building, but what about the people at the front of campus? As a student who has all of her classes in the front of campus, I find this to be very annoying.

Texting both blessing and curse

Texting – it’s ­a handy little technology that many of us use from time to time when it’s inconvenient to call. But sometimes I feel like people rely so much on texting that they forget the rules of common courtesy.

Regulation needed on textbook monopoly

Now that classes are underway it is time for all of us to head to the bookstore where we will stand in long lines in order to shell out massive amounts of money on textbooks. The cost of books is something many college students struggle with and for good reason.

Gaining perspective through travel

Well, it’s that time again. The beginning of a new school year is upon us and with that comes tasks such as moving into a new place, planning class schedules and, of course, the always fun job of buying text books. But before I start thinking about all these aspects, I want to reflect on what I did this summer. As I think all of you should.