Jacob Cipriano Mendez


EMU film appreciation series to focus on history of movies

When it comes to film, we all know if it’s released, it’s likely to be seen. All around the world millions of people go and watch movies everyday, whether it be in their homes or in the theater. Something people don’t always account for is how film itself has progressed over the years.

Web series gains fame

Since April 1, 2003, when “Red vs. Blue” was created by Burnie Burns after a failed attempt at a podcast called “Drunk Gamers,” the Machinima series has gathered millions of viewers and has become extremely popular.

Halo 4 film a must-see

Back in April, in order to promote the newly-released Xbox 360-exclusive Halo 4, head developer 343 Industries announced that they would be releasing a five-part live action series bridging the gap between Bungie’s Halo 3 to Halo 4. On Oct. 5, the series launched on YouTube under the channel “MachinimaPrime” and so far has gathered over 9 million views just on the first episode alone.

‘Borderlands 2’ provides players with bloody good time

A little over a week ago, the sequel to the 2010 Game of the Year, “Borderlands,” was released. Since the newly developed Gearbox masterpiece hit shelves, “Borderlands 2” has quickly won the hearts of many, creating an exciting fictitious environment offering loads of fun that equals the weight of the “87 Bazillion Guns” said to be in the game.

iPhone 5 thinner, lighter

Since 2007, Apple has released a new design to the iPhone every year. Clocking in at $499 for the 4GB version of the first generation of the iPhone devices, it was presumed to be one of the greatest—and not to mention most expensive—smartphones on the market.