Janis Tsai


Geek Squad is possible option for tech problem

In 2010, with the release of the Droid, Kindle and the latest iWhatever, it seems consumers cannot have enough, or pay enough, for the latest gadgets. When these consumers do not understand how to fix their new toys, they inevitably call someone like Febbraro, a 21-year-old communication technology major at Eastern Michigan University.

Regina Spektor to be seen in new light

There will be a free showing of “Regina Spektor: Live in London” at 7 p.m. on Tuesday at the Student Center Auditorium. The Blu-ray will feature 18 of Spektor’s performances, from London’s Hammersmith Apollo Theater. It will be the first time fans can see Spektor perform at an uncomfortably close distance, as well as see footage of intimate details like sound check and peeks inside backstage.

'Amazing Race' draws viewers with challenges

“The Amazing Race” premiered Sept. 25 to millions of viewers eager to see how drama unfolds for a diverse roster of characters. Eleven teams must race around the world completing challenges and navigating across cultures, with the slowest teams getting eliminated. The last team remaining gets $1 million.

Peace Corps, AmeriCorps offer options

There is often an awkward transition period after a student graduates from college. Students often return to live in their parents’ house and fill out endless applications.

Snow Health offers sleep tips

The Wellness Center at Snow Health Center has displayed a large black panel advocating the benefits of a good night’s sleep.